Old Mill Winery: A Historic Jewel in Geneva, Ohio

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Geneva, Ohio, a picturesque town nestled by the scenic Grand River, has long been recognized for its unique combination of natural beauty and rich history. Among its many attractions, one establishment stands out for its superb wines and remarkable history: the Old Mill Winery. Old Mill Winery is located in Geneva's first historic building. The J.E. Goodrich family built the grist mill in the 1860s. In the 1980s, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kinkopf converted the mill to a winery. Located a mere 10-minute stroll from the renowned vacation rental, Wine Down on Vine, the Old Mill Winery offers visitors an enchanting experience of taste and historical immersion.

Historical Glimpse

The Old Mill Winery stands as a testament to Geneva's legacy. While it's a popular wine destination today, the building's origins are rooted in the early 19th century. Initially functioning as a grist mill, it played a pivotal role in the community. Farmers from the surrounding areas would bring their harvests to be processed into flour and other essentials. The clatter of the millstones and the scent of fresh grain were once defining features of this structure.

Transitioning from a mill to a winery took time. As the decades passed and the community's needs evolved, the mill saw various uses. However, in the latter half of the 20th century, visionary entrepreneurs saw potential in converting this historic structure into a winery. Their vision was realized, and today, the Old Mill Winery is not just a place for wine connoisseurs but also for those with an appreciation for heritage and restoration.



The Wine Experience

Stepping into the Old Mill Winery is akin to traveling back in time. The rustic ambiance, with its wooden beams and historical artifacts, provides an immediate sense of nostalgia. But beyond its architectural allure, the winery offers various wines catering to diverse palates.

While deeply influenced by the region's traditional flavors, their wine list also showcases innovative blends. Whether you're seeking a full-bodied red, a crisp white, or specialty fruit wine, the Old Mill Winery will not disappoint.

One must mention its dedicated staff to discuss the winery. Passionate about their craft, they serve wine and engage with visitors, sharing fascinating tidbits about each wine's character, the history of the mill, and the winemaking process.




Nearby Attractions: Wine Down on Vine

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Book Your Geneva Experience

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